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Jaime Vandergrift
Gen Ed/EdTech
Flipping Classroom with Apps, Organizer
Yanet Cardoza
Lewisville ISD
Assistant principal

Venita Jones
Lewisville ISD
dyslexia, Ed tech
Ramona Lowe
Lewisville ISD
Secondary Literacy
Using the iPad for Tutoring Secondary Readers
Michelle Maple
Prosper ISD
Instructional Technology Coach
n/a- no presentation. just coming to see how BYOD is working in other districts
Tammy MacDonald
Lewisville ISD
Gen ED/ Staff Dev
Discussion- Using IPads in the classroom
Jon Samuelson
Elementary Teacher
Can do 60 Apps in 60 Minutes or iPad projects in the Classroom
Stuart Burt
Chapel Hill ISD
Tech Director
Using iPad as an interactive whiteboard and presentation device
Creating and Editing movies with the iPad
JP Hale @jphale72
Tyler ISD
Instructional Technology Specialist
iPad Utilities, other ideas to come
Ann Sudduth
Diocese of Austin CSO
Educational Technology Consultant
Educational content for BYOD initiative
Lesa Haney
Lewisville ISD

None--just want to learn. I do not have an iPad. Convince me that I can't live without one. :)
Andre Keller
Irving ISD
Special Ed-LIFE K-5 Teacher
anything :)
Nicolle Davis
Center ISD
Technology/Business Teacher
None-Coming to learn how others are implementing BYOD and using devices in the classroom
Carrie Hefner
Chapel Hill ISD
History/ESL/GT/RTI Junior High
None - but would love to be involved in open discussion and share info and ideas
Bob Stuart
Lewisville ISD
Naval Science
None-want to learn how to use ipad to best advantage in classroom
Liz Fisanick
Lewisville ISD
Elem Teacher/ School Librarian
None-wanna come learn and be involved in discussions too!

Diane Ramsay
Chapel Hill ISD
District Media Specialist
None -but will share when in open discussion
Christi Denney
chapel Hill ISD
Spanish 1 & 2 and ESL
want to learn how to use devices in language learning classes
Jody Rentfro
Lewisville ISD
Technology Specialist
I just want to keep learning!